Question: How to become a library member?
 UTHM staff and student are eligible to become the library member. They are provided with library account. Please check your account through library website or Circulation Counter.


Question: What is “Delinquent” and “Barred” in membership?
 Membership with status “Delinquent” means that user does not settle down his fines for late return, whereas membership with status “Barred" means that the fines has exceeded the maximum limit allowed.


Question: As a library member, could I use the other academic libraries?
 Yes, you could. Library user can visit the other libraries for reference purpose and has to bring along the student / staff card. 


Question: I have been registered as student/staff but do not have library account. What should I do?

Answer: The library downloads student/staff’s record from Student/Staff Information System to Library System from time to time. If the record is unavailable, users have to fill up Membership Registration Form at Circulation Counter.