Question: What is Library Catalog?
 Library Catalog provides all details of the library collection, including current status, location and number of copies available to ease users identifying them on the specific shelves.

 How to use Library Catalog?
 Please refer to the user guide

 What can we understand from Everything, Library Search and Asset Search in the Library Catalog?
 Search results in Library Catalog are different based on the options selected:
1.   Everything: will search all types of materials available in the library collection  
2.   Library Search: will search all types of materials available in the library collection, excludes Asset Search.

3.   Asset Search:  will only search scanned Special Collection materials such as past examination paper. (Special Collection refers to all materials written by UTHM community or published by UTHM).  


Question: How to get call number from the Library Catalog?

Answer: In the Library catalog, call number is known as Shelf Number. Please write down that particular number before searching at the shelf.

 Can the Library Catalog give some information whether the material is available on shelf or on loan?

Answer: Yes. Details of any material on shelf are available at a particular column, for example Open Access. For any material that is on loan, the column will inform the Due Date.