Question: Where to find past year examination papers?
AnswerPrinted past year examination papers can be found at Closed Reference Room, Level 1, whereas digital format is accessible through Library Catalog, by “Asset Search”.

Question: How to find past year examination papers related to my subject/course?
AnswerYou can find past year examination papers through Library Catalog by using Subject Name or Code, and then sort by “Asset Search”.

Question: Where to find UTHM student’s thesis?  
AnswerUTHM student’s thesis is available at Closed Reference Room, Level 1 for internal reference. Meanwhile, post graduate theses are accessible through UTHM Repository, up to first 24 pages.


Question: How to get access to UTHM publication and Special Collection?  
AnswerSpecial Collection refers to materials written by UTHM student or staff, including UTHM publication. These materials are available at Closed Reference Room, Level 1 for internal reference.


Question: Is there PhDs thesis?  
AnswerYes, it is. It is available at Closed Reference Room, Level 1 for internal reference as well as online database named asPro-Quest Dissertation & Theses. 

Question: Where to find audio visual material?
AnswerAudio visual materials, like CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, cassette, and video tape are available at Circulation Counter, Level 1. User may preview such materials using equipments provided at Closed Reference Room, Level 1 

Question: May I make a copy of audio visual material?  
AnswerNo. The library only lends you.


Question: Where to find journals?
AnswerPrinted journals, either current or bound are available at Journal Room, Level 3, whereas online journals are accessible via library website through links to e-journal and online databases.

Question: Where to find daily newspapers?
AnswerYou can get daily local newspapers at Closed Reference Room, Level 1. Besides, they can be accessed through BLIS database.


Question: What are online resources?
AnswerOnline resources cover databases, e-book and e-journal subscribed by the library that can be accessed on line.   


Question: How to get password for some databases?
AnswerYou can get the password by sending an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and type in “password” at Subject field. Please refer to the librarian for further details.


Question: Where to find British Standards and Malaysian Standards?
AnswerBritish Standards and Malaysian Standards can be accessed through the library website, and direct link to online databases.


Question: Why sometimes I could not access to online database?
AnswerThere are many possibilities: network system technical problem, databases maintenance by the publisher or exceed limit of concurrent user. Please make a report to any librarian for further action.

Question: What to do if I fail to access to any journal in any database?
AnswerSince not all journals are subscribed by library, users may not be able to get access or download the articles needed. Users are advised to consult the librarian to get the full text through Inter Library Loan service.