The library provides various reference resources which includes papers presented at seminars, conferences, conventions, symposiums, workshops or colloquiums either organized by UTHM or other organizations. Seminar materials are an important but elusive source of scientific and technical information. These materials are categorized as UTHM Special Collections and should be submitted to the Digital Collections Development Division. 

This division collects printed and non-printed materials on UTHM and also writing works by students, staffs, departments, faculties or any individuals in the university. Apart from that, this division accepts materials submitted by UTHM staff who attended courses, workshops, seminars and conferences. 

Types of materials that should be submitted to the library includes:
• Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D thesis
• Examination papers
• Books, journals, bulletins published by faculties/departments and UTHM Publisher’s Office
• Conference and seminar papers presented by UTHM staff
• Articles written by UTHM staffs in magazines, newspapers and journals issued either by local or international publisher
• Newspaper clippings about UTHM
• Recording materials from selected event/ceremony at UTHM