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Envision of Perpustakaan Tunku Tun Aminah


Where Wisdom Begins.


Aspires to be a dynamic knowledge gateway.


To provide and disseminate quality information resources to fulfill the academic needs and intellectual development through effective management based on Tawheed.

Objectives Quality

PTTA staffs are committed to carrying out their responsibilities to ensure that the quality objectives developed can be measured and improved continuously in line with PTTA's vision and mission. 
  1. To ensure the proposal for reference materials will be submitted within 5 working days after completing the review process. 
  2. Aiming for 90% of reference materials to be cataloged within 2 weeks from the date of the library's stamp of ownership.
  3. Targeting 3,000,000 accesses to digital collections within a year.
  4. To ensure that 100% of Inter-Library Loan requests will be completed within 5 working days.
  5. Aiming for 85% of attendance in Information Literacy Skills Classes within a year for a new diploma and undergraduate students.
  6. To ensure that 100% of the materials received are uploaded into the Institutional Repository (e-print) in the current year.
  7. Targeting 85% of user satisfaction level towards library services in the current year.